IGA stores can access their delivery details as the load is travelling from the DC to their store.  The truck can be tracked via GPS satellite tracking.  PODs can be viewed and previous history of deliveries retrieved.


Step 1.  Enter user name and password and click Log In button.
Login screen

Step 2.  Click on the words "Job Enquiry" to bring up the last weeks worth of deliveries.
Weekly consignments

Step 3.  Click on the hyperlink (Blue Text) under the first column named  "Job Number" to bring up the detail of that delivery and detail of number of pallets, weight etc.  Use your back arrow on your internet tool bar to get back to the Step 2 screen.

Step 4.  Click on the hyperlink (Blue Text) under the 3rd last column to get the details of the progress of the delivery for that day. (Below)  It shows what time we were notified of the delivery (Booked), when we received the paperwork saying the delivery had completed being picked off the shelves (Paperwork Rec'd),  when it commenced loading onto our vehicles (Commenced Loading), when they had finished loading it into our trailers (Completed Loading).  Now it is handed over to us.  You will then see what time it left the IGA>D (Left DC) and what time it was delivered to you (Delivered).  Then we have a status of End.  We then later cost and invoice the delivery.

Trip History

Step 5.   (Look back at the Step 2 Image) If you want to see who at the store signed for the load and view the signature click on the hyperlink under the column "Image"  if it has a name, then the signature was captured on the PDA at the time of delivery.  Then click on the Delivered - Name (below) to view the signature.

POD screen

Step 6.  The signature appears after completed the steps at number 5.
Signature Screen

Step 7.  If your delivery is at the status of "Leave DC"  you can view where the truck was at the last GPS reading received v's where your shop is.  (View the second screen shot at top)  If under the GPS column there it has a hyperlink, you can click on that to view the map below.  Take Note:  Your store might not be the only store delivery on board, so it could be delivering to one around the corner first.

GPS screen

Step 8.  If you have any queries please contact Kathleen - 0447 576 442 (Office Hours)
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